Speedy new packages

Good news for Indonesian internet user (and cybercafe owner), the largest ISP in Indonesia droping its prices. It have almost same prices BUT with higher bandwidth. Theres 10, 20, 50 and 100mbps speed with unlimited quote. As for your info a 10mbps speed its enough to makes 20 computers online smooth, using microtic off course. Set it to max 1024kbps, its almost no buffering for 480p in youtube which usually default at 240p-320p. Heres the price list :

One Piece Chapter 730 Not Break

One Piece Chapter 730 Not Break, its what everyone wish and it come true. It was hoax due some few people in the net, and with many traffic to this question it come wider and wider. So heres the One Piece Chapter 730 : "3 Cards". I dont know who scans it, so whoever do this you did great man :)

One Piece Chapter 730 : "3 Cards"

K-ON vs Vocaloid ???

Got confused, between K-ON and Vocaloid. Right now Im in love with Seishun Vibration by K-ON. Here you can download it here : MP3 SKULL . And Disappearance of Miku Hatsune in here MP3 SKULL by cosmo . Dont know which better because all of them is good. But if you like Vocaloid, you can download some of their album here http://vocaloiddownload.blogspot.com/ .